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BYD Lighting will Bring the Iron Battery Solar LED Street Light to the 2013 High-tech LED Exhibition


Compared with BYD, BYD lighting is not so widely known, but BYD Lighting has been using the "automobile manufacturing concept" to build its own LED lighting products.

BYD entered the LED field in 2003 and began to enter the general lighting field in 2007. Mass production began in 2008. From 2008 to 2010, BYD tested the newly developed products for BYD's various industrial parks, and then introduced products with stable performance and high quality to the market to seek greater development. Nowadays, with its rich product line and reliable product quality, BYD Lighting's products have won the trust and recognition of many customers.

At the upcoming 2013 Hi-Tech LED Lighting Exhibition, BYD Lighting will introduce several representative products, including iron battery solar LED Street Lights, indoor high-light flux large-angle dimmable bulbs and a series of cost-effective products.

Iron battery Led Street Lights are unique in the world and one of the core technologies of BYD Lighting. BYD iron battery has been successfully applied to electric vehicles, energy storage power stations, solar street lamps and other products. Compared to lead-acid batteries, iron batteries have a longer life. As we all know, the life of lead-acid batteries is usually about 1 year, while the life of iron batteries is at least 8-10 years, and can be used more than 2000 times.

In addition, the size of the iron battery is smaller, only about one-third of the volume of the original lead-acid battery, and the battery can be integrated under the Solar Panel, while the conventional battery is buried under the ground. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are harmful to the environment and pose a potential threat of heavy metal pollution. The iron element in the iron battery itself is an inert element, and it is completely environmentally friendly in production and use, and can be recycled.

BYD Lighting's indoor high-light flux high-angle dimmable bulbs can reach 330°, and the luminous flux can completely replace the traditional 60W and 75W incandescent lamps. At the same time, BYD Lighting will also exhibit other products that are highly competitive in the market.

As the largest and most professional LED lighting exhibition in China in the second half of this year, 2013 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition is committed to creating a comprehensive, high-grade and high-efficiency promotion platform, looking for the best quality distributors and buyers for exhibitors. Strong.

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