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New Solar LED Street Light Battery Life Can be Extended


A few days ago, the research of the hybrid energy storage solar LED street lamp completed by Beihua Institute of Aerospace Engineering passed the expert appraisal. The expert group believes that this technology has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, high stability of use, long battery life, and the overall level has reached the domestic leading level.

This project aims at the problems of short battery life, low power density, slow discharge speed, and weak currents that cannot be charged in the use of traditional solar LED Street Lights. It proposes a solar LED street lamp model and implementation method that uses a super capacitor and a battery to form a hybrid energy storage unit. . Through the integrated use of power electronics, microcontroller technology and automatic control technology to develop mixed energy-storage solar Led Street Lights, using two sets of bidirectional power converters can be stepped up and down in parallel to achieve energy conversion between the super capacitor and the battery; according to the battery The optimal charge-discharge state adopts double hysteresis to achieve intelligent control and optimize the battery charge and discharge device. At the same time, using the energy storage capacity of the super capacitor reduces the number of charging cycles caused by the intermittent generation of photovoltaic power.

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